In this bombshell of a book, former US Army Lieutenant Colonel and candidate for US Senate Daniel Gade and Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Huang lay out the human tragedy that bad policy creates in the lives of veterans.

Book Overview

Authors Daniel Gade — a retired Army officer who was wounded in action twice and lost a leg in combat — and former Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Huang interviewed dozens of veterans and VA staffers who have observed firsthand the effects of a broken system.

The authors also combed through years of literature and compiled a wealth of data demonstrating beyond all doubt that our system of caring for veterans, post-military, is broken.

This is not just a policy book — it is an engrossing deep dive into the VA's perverse incentives that, instead of making life better for our veterans, leave them worse off.

Wounding Warriors Cover

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In 340 no-holds-barred pages, the authors make an ironclad case for reform to the VA. Then, in 40 pages of meticulous notes, they back up that case with irrefutable data and searing interviews with veterans and healthcare professionals.